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Need ideas on how to maximize the impact of your exhibit program? Author Dana Tilghman, CTSM Diamond Level, CMP, a 20+ year trade show industry veteran offers a compelling argument for building a speaker bureau to support your exhibit program. This article explains benefits and offers a framework to build one.

This five page report covers content relating to:
• Making the case to upper management to build a speaker bureau program
• Considerations for identifying speaker topics and recruitment
 • Speak bureau logistics and promotions
 • A real-world case study on how a speaker bureau has worked or Minitab, Inc.


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Publish Date: 01-23-2017
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The document delineates four critical, guiding principles for organizers to follow to create and nurture a culture that drives innovation. Author Greg Topalian, a well-known innovator in the industry, points out considerations unique to big and small companies. It offers useful information to share with participants involved in strategic planning as well as when assessing new launch, merger or acquisition opportunities.

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Publish Date: 10-24-2016
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This particular fact sheet evaluates the level of use of business-to-business exhibitions and each sales channel.

This document is one in a series of 10 fact sheets based on results from the 2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions Study. This research dives into the minds of executives who are involved in the decision to exhibit at business-to-business exhibitions, as well as other promotional and advertising decisions for their company. Fact sheets document different aspects of the power of exhibitions in today's marketing and sales landscape.



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Publish Date: 10-19-2016
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